Monday, July 9, 2012

Bali Fashion Blogger: Sunday Market & Garage Sale

I make a short review of yesterday's event. So it's called "Sunday Market & Garage Sale", an event which is held by Bali Fashion Blogger and it's one of the pre-event for Bali Fashion Festival. I went there with my sister in a cloudy breezy Sunday afternoon. I was a bit tired after did a grocery shopping with my family. Because I've made a promise with my sister and my best friend, I went there...
My best friend, Dea opened a fashion booth and I helped her to sell some fashion items such as tops, dresses, skirts, bottoms, etc. Quite fun.

There are many bands performance and I came an hour and half before the event closed. I just can take a few pictures from that event. Too bad, I couldn't take pictures with fellow bloggers. But, I met a local fashion blogger and had a little chit-chat with her. Too bad, I forgot her name....

The booths were interesting enough. But, there's no crowd. Maybe most people still don't get information about this event. It would be more fun if the event held in a big and crowded place like in the mall, maybe? Well, this was just a pre-event, I hope it will be more fun and bigger in the next event. Good job, BFB! 

Will see you on the next event :)

Here some pictures I took from the event. Enjoy :)

Dea and her booth

Me and Dea

Bundle Of Dreams performance

What I look like on that day? Here I am!
Sorry for the very bad illustration :p

unbranded green sweater, Bloop Endorse grey dress, Centro black ribbon flats, unbranded accessories


  1. I really love your green sweater :)
    nice to know your blog, wita
    come and take a look on my blog


  2. Nice post! Love it ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

    1. Thank you ♥
      I've followed you. mind to follow back?



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