Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Abstract Print Sketches

Woohoo! Got a time to do some sketch and it's like a short time in heaven. Happy thoughts were everywhere, the ideas were just came out. Yeah, just like that. Though my drawing-ability still not increasing due to my other jobs, I'm happy to see the result. Not really bad  I think. Hehehe. Anyway, I'm done with the final-exam, now, have a little time to feel some fresh air before continue the 'hard days' which is a lot of works to do.

Ok, now let's talk about the sketches. I love coloring with water color, the effect is just pretty in my eyes. It's showing the abstraction and uniqueness. Also I love to do some experiment with pattern and colors. You can see on the sketch below, the polka dots with white collar. What do you think? Is it too much or not? I was just following my imagination and my fingers were just like dancing crazy with the brush. 

I made a theme with these sketches. Even each sketches has different colors, but it has one point to show, the abstraction. My dream is being on runway, the international one. hehe. Too high? No, we must have a big and high dream, to motivate our self for being a better human. It won't be just a day-dreaming, it will be happened on reality. Just struggling and keep on going with what we've done.

And the picture below is out of the theme. It was just a doodle first, but changed in to a semi-fashion sketch. Maybe it's a summer style look.
Alright then, please leave a comment for me. I wanna know what you think about my sketches above. Thank you so much for reading. See ya on the next post :)


  1. This is really great, you have an eye for this, that's sure!

  2. witaaa, lets meet!
    anw, i reallylove your illustrations! if you would make one for me >< hehe

    sweet and sugars,


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