Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Priority

So how's life? I bet almost of you enjoying the summer and school holiday.
I'm sorry not to post daily-outfit look everyday, it's because I'm busy with the final exam, tasks and the others. I decided to work on what I think it's my priority. Life, as we know it, just like a wheel. Sometimes goes up and suddenly goes down. Doesn't matter how your condition, it will bring you down. Until you feel like want to end up your life. Hey, but do not ever try to do it :)

God knows what the best for us. We don't always in a good position. The highest we stand, the hardest storm will punch you.

My priority now, first my family, my college life, my friends, my love-life and last, my self.
I hope you can understand why I cannot post daily outfit everyday.

Thank you for your attention :)

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