Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dementia, you're driving me crazy

So, all the Hoot Owls in this world cannot hardly wait for May 15th. Yup! Shooting Star EP will be out on that date. I have listened all the tracks and Oh my God, Adam Young's voice is way more powerful! As usual, this guy always and forever have my heart melted. As I read, the full version of the album is out on August. Very exciting!

Image Source : Owl City

"I don’t even need stars in the night
I have found my treasure
All i need is you by my side
So shine forever"
Owl City - Gold

"Big surprise, I'm a ghost keeping out of sight
Love your eyes, you're a star in the summer night
This is love, this is war, it's insanity
Dementia, you're driving me crazy!"
Owl City feat. Mark Hoppus - Dementia

"You probably know that you tear it up
When you say you wanna take it all away, take it all away"
Owl City - Take It All Away


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