Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Sharing

Aw Yeah! Done with midterm exams and..... a bunch of jobs to do. I will be busy for um I don't know, so many unexpected things will happen soon. Now, I'm handling a big event for July but the preparation has started and still go along with the old plan. Wish me luck for the event ;)


It's kinda habit, I'm always drawing on the blank side of paper. Like yesterday, when I was getting bored with the meeting, I took a marker then my hand automatically draw a woman face. I didn't know that my friends had noticed me from the start. They said that I'm good in drawing, but I'm not that good you know :p
I'm not really good at drawing man face, woman face is more easier and interesting for me. Well, I like when people around me know that I have something and it's just like there's a 'plus point' for me to introduce my self. I need a support from my friends and also a teacher or maybe a partner that really understand about drawing especially fashion designing. 


And oh! I've just found out this site Nassi Goreng Keju they made the zig-zag crop shirt that I wore on my last post here. I bought it at Unique Boutique which is located in front of my house! hehe.
I love all their printed women's collection :D

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