Saturday, April 7, 2012

Earth Color

I'm wearing UB-Vintage lacey tops, unbranded black inner, skirt and accessories.

When I first saw those pictures, I was thinking.... God, did I gain some weight? Haha, but that's not a big problem. As long as I'm healthy and my size still M, I don't really care :)

About the look above, I've inspired by earth texture. I remembered about geography subject that I had got at senior high and then I mix my clothes with ethnic accessories. A bit hippy look I guess.

I sell some dream catcher necklace and Indian medicine bag necklace. It's cheap and have a good quality. All of them are in limited quantity ;)

And these only for local customer, sorry :)

IDR 25.000

IDR 30.000

Yeah! My sister asked me to watch movie tonight. Quality time with family! Love~

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  1. halo wita, could you send me your phone number by email? (
    btw, 2morow there is a BFB meeting at Veranda Art Cafe hayam wuruk jam 10 pagi. Kalau ada waktu, dateng ya :) we will waiting for you to join us!


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