Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bloom Me!

unbranded black shoes, Sox Gallery purple socks

Bamboo Blonde red charm, Bl!ng flower peace bracelet, unbranded pink daisy ring

Yesterday my mom gave me two pretty blouses. She said that they're better in me. Thank's mom! :D
Well, when I first saw the blouses, I feel like a deja vu and then I ran into my room, opened my portfolio album, and yes! I've designed a blouse that looks like my mom's gift. I checked the year, it was 2009! Err, it's kinda late to wear them but never mind, the pattern is just right for this season. The feather that hanging on the blouse like a necklace make this blouse much prettier. In those pictures, I think I look like a 5 years old girl. Hehe.


  1. nice <3 I love flower prints always!

    sweet and sugars,


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