Friday, March 23, 2012

The real thing

Where do I start now? Oh, ok then I will share something not really important but I think you better know. Here they are...

I was very ambitious when I first start making thins blog. I have a big passion in fashion, but I realized it wasn't enough for me. You can see, I blog since 2008. But, the first blog was just a rubbish bin (yes, I can say it), I didn't know blog for sure, what's the function, what kind of site it is. Yeah, I was following the trend. I quit for a while.

Time goes by, I asked my friends who understand about blog, we learned together and find out what was made the blog cool. I forgot where was I knew about fashion blog. I just remembered that Hot Chocolate and Mint was the first Indonesian fashion blog I've visited, before that I have visited She of Shoes. I was amazed by kak Diana Rikasari's and from that moment I've got inspired, decided to make my own blog.

I made another account, I didn't use my old account because I just want to start the new one. If you know, I have so many account in more than a dozen sites. Hehe. Ok, I made it! Yeah, felt so excited at first, I posted my daily look everytime I want. I did that silly things for more than a year, until my new blog turned into a rubbish bin... I was lazy to continue and finish all the mess I've made.

Back in the early 2011, I started again and decided to use my first blog account. It was so hard for me to write and choose what kind of blog I'll make. I thought it would be easy to make a fashion blog, but the truth is not. As a fashion blogger, originality is a must thing to have. I'm not that kind of person who like to copy others' style. I love to be me and proud to be my self. I accepted the challenge. Well, I will make a fashion blog, but it will not just talk about fashion or daily looks, but also anything I love and a bit show off to strangers who read the blog that I have a hobby and interest, fashion designing.

I always try to write my posts in English though I'm still not sure that my grammar is 100% correct. This is the right place to learn and improve my skills. I told my friends to visit my blog and gave comments for what I've posted. They didn't really interest in blog by the way. So sad, I feel failed until now. I've got so many influences from other expert fashion bloggers around the world, especially Indonesian fashion bloggers. They're just amazing!

Getting a tons of follower, dozen of comment everyday still be a dream. I speak the truth. By that way, I can post more 'high-quality' entry. Forgive me I haven't taken pictures with super high quality images taken by SLR or DSLR camera. I don't want to ask my parents for an expensive thing like that and I just want to have the SLR camera pure from my saved money. Besides, I made blog just for fun and for some reason I've mentioned above. The hardest part of blogging is retaining the concept. For me struggling is worth to do for something you really love, your real passion.

So, this is me. I presented you my blog, a place where I can post anything I want, anything I love. By images and words I show the world who I am. I'll stay original and appreciate all the comments.

Keep reading. Thank You.


  1. im a follower and please continue blogging :) love your blog and style!

  2. hello wita :) I feel somehow this way too sometimes, hehe. But one thing I'd like to tell is that everyday in every post we learn many new things and improve ourself.
    You also have a very special talent in fashion design, it's really cool!
    Just keep posting no matter what.
    Well, that is just my opinion :)

    sweet and sugars,

    1. Thank you Dias for supporting me. I'll try my best :)


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