Wednesday, February 15, 2012

People say, "It's Valentine's Day"

Just had a date on Valentine's day with my boyfie and I didn't prepare anything for him. We watched Underworld : Awakening, not a perfect movie for a romantic day, I guess. hehe.
I was surprised when he gave me a box of something. He said that he had made it by himself and I speechless. I didn't have any gift for him, I just have my time to spend with him. Thank you so much for the pudding, love. I just realized there's a "I <3 U" on the pudding. Sweet enough for me :)

And.... I captured something that related to this special day.
Here they are....

Happy Valentine's Day world! Spread the love and peace :)


  1. thank you sweety, wish you a beautiful valentine's day as well :)

    xx Daisy

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  2. OMG.... I've been sooooo busy that I didnt have the chance to watch this one, I hope it still on 21 here...
    happy belated V-day! (vampire and valentine day)...



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