Monday, February 13, 2012

Hey Monday!

Say hello to the college life! New semester, new schedule and busy week start from now. After having a not-so-long holiday, I must ready to face all things that related to the college. There's something that shouldn't be complicated, but the information center in my campus never deal with a word call, SIMPLE. Aaargh, I'm mad because of that one thing. I hope I can deal with them this week.

Alright, so today was not so bad. I just had a snack time with my senior high-school friends and did a little chit-chat. They never fail to make me laugh. Thank's buddies! 
Because I'm gonna busy for this week, I apologize for not posting new post everyday.

Wearing : Tops from Centro department store. Unbranded skirt, chain necklace, bag and glasses.
UP wedges

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