Friday, January 13, 2012

Zig Zag Stripes

Did you know that here in Bali, the weather is very bad for these current days? Heavy rain and stormy day are ruined my schedule. Last Tuesday when I was about to go to the campus, I got traffic jam. I was crying because I'm afraid I couldn't join the final exam. I was in the car with my mom, she's afraid too and she tried to make me calm down. But, finally I can reach the class 30 seconds before the lecturer come and start the test. Thank God!

Now, only cloud and a bit sunshine here. I wish the rain will stop pouring. My clothes are wet and the laundry service is over-load. I need clear sky and sunshine! :)

Okay, I found something nice in my mom's closet. A nice zig zag skirt. I combined it with Gaudi stripes mustard knit top and voila! This is me wearing them :)

Unbranded multi-bracelets and rings (Stroberi)
Heart-shaped necklace (a gift) and Hitakara Jewelry Trojan Horse necklace

Covet open toe boots (Far East Plaza-Singapore)

Do I look like a bumble bee on those pictures? hihi. :p
Well, stripes will be happening (again) on this year. So, don't throw your stripes thingy! Mix and match them and have fun! :D

P.S : I can't wait for my boyfriend. He will be home soon!


  1. me likey the necklace so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i love the sketch that u done with photoshop on the next post! keep sketching!!!! :p

    have a nice weekend!!

    1. Thank you for your support kak Ario :D


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