Friday, January 20, 2012

Just A Beginning

Failure is not the only big reason of the end of the world. Yes, I might be failed but, I won't easily giving up and don't wanna move on. It will be taking a lot more time to cry in the corner of my room, thinking what's my fault or making strategy to start a new life.

And when I realized that I'm not the only one who suffering because of some number, I feel lucky. My friends are there, giving me their support, hug me and calm me down. They're just super kind. They don't fail, but they understand what it feels when getting something unpredictable. I was almost not to believe in God and my self because of this situation, but then I remember all the people who love me. Why do I keep thinking of something bad when all the beautiful things surround me? That failure maybe a lesson given by God to make me become studying harder and harder. There's a second chance, remedial on short semester. Of course I will take it and feeling excited to enjoy it.

I can be sad, crying, disappointing, and broken but it will not take more than a day. I gotta move on, smiling, and cherish that I'm still lucky to be a human.

Thank you so much for those who giving me their warm hug and clearing my tears.
I love you.


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