Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Stuffs

What is the must have item for this season? Pleated Skirt!
Yes, on this Spring, people who live in sub-tropic country are mostly wearing this item.
I fall in love with this skirt because when I'm wearing it, I feel like a princess.
I twirl around and it's just fun to do it more and more.
Okay, I bought a soft color stones pleated skirt in J.Rep (psst! I love to shop here. The price and the quality is good) .  I was interested in black, but my mom told me to buy the rare one. Yeah, she always know what's good on me.
And Oh! I haven't worn it. I just don't have time :(

About a week ago, my mom went to Singapore and bought me a pair of boots. It's cute and so comfortable. She bought it at Far East Plaza Singapore. The brand is Covet.  I think it's a local brand because I don't find it in Indonesia. But hey, local brand has a lot of good stuffs and reasonable price with good quality.

 I love local brand or even unbranded one. I don't mind if I'm wearing something cheap. But, the quality and comfortable are on the top of my reason to buy some fashion stuffs. These pictures below are one of it. The Batik sling bag, I bought in Malioboro, Jogjakarta. The Red Fringe sling bag, I bought in Tanggulangin, East Java. Well, I f you want to buy something in traditional market, don't forget to check the quality and then ask for the lower price.

Accessories is very important in fashion. Without this item, I feel naked. I wear accessories not too much. A ring and a watch is enough. Too much accessories can make me feel uncomfortable. So these are my rings collection. Which one is you favorite? :)

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