Friday, June 17, 2011

Design Of Moi

Yes, this is the second time I post my own design. Read the description below.

Picture 1
I tried to draw a skinny model but, I can't make it perfect. I think curvy and healthy shape is greater.
So, about the picture. She's wearing a mint loose T-Shirt with "X" chain to make it more edgy look.
Maxi purple pleat skirt as bottom make her more adorable and the red boots is inspired by this picture below. The model's face.. um... I remembered about Kate Moss when I drawn her :-P

Picture 2
Got inspired by magazines and candy. I tried to make this dress colorful and fun. The top is green and blue (mint).  The skirt is full of big ruffles and with sunset color. And Oh! The model's hair. I'm trying to draw it like Twiggy's . The boots is inspired by this picture.

Picture 3
Well, I name this picture with Folk Romance. As we know, folklore is an hot item for this season. I draw some fringe on her arms. I choose soft pink as her dress color because I remember about cotton candy. I love candies and anything sweet. See the mustard shawl? Sometimes, summer breeze is so cold and can make us got flu. So, the shawl is made by a comfy material and also you can wear it as a headband or maybe a belt! The red and blue socks, it's just making her look more fabulous and different. Well, this picture is originally came out from my head.

I hope you like my pictures and I'm always dreaming about my design. When all the most famous runaway model in this world presenting my clothes on London Fashion Week or maybe in Paris, Milan, and New York. Hehehehe.

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