Saturday, June 18, 2011

Catch Me, Dream

Really got tired on this week. Spend more than 5 hours working with my laptop and thinking too much about plan for next week. Fuhhh.... I just wanna relax and have a nice dream. Well, talking about dream, I'll soon buy a or some dream catcher. Maybe it won't be hard looking for this thing in Bali, because there are a lot of art market here :)

I'm fallin' in love with its shape and colors. Can you see it? Such a nice accessories for this season.

Images of Dream Catcher from and

And I found this picture in my folder files. I forgot where I've got this. But, it still sweet. Michael Cera is one of my favorite guys in this world. Look at that face. It's innocent and he's a geek. Hehehe. Anyone knows who's the girl beside him? By the way, photobox never die. Little bit envy with this picture so romantic (I think). I'll do a date like this when I'm having a boyfriend. Yeah! :p

Have a nice weekend, fellas :)

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