Monday, May 2, 2011

To Kill The Pain

I just went to a doctor. I feel dizzy since a few days ago. The result blood pressure is low, 85/60.
Well I think it caused by these days I haven't done anything. And the worst is... I took only twice a week to do some exercises. But, start from now I promise to myself to go to the gym everyday :p
I was active and a year ago I was one of softball players for my school team. Since I got dengue fever and typhus, my dad doesn't allow me to join the team. I was upset.
Now, I've got 3 months holiday and I still don't have any plan to spare these days. Except, playing with my laptop or read books. I try to contact my auntie to give me a part time job. So, my holidays won't be useless.

Here some pictures I taken today. To heal my dizziness and it worked for a moment until I feel it again. Feel much better when I mixed and matched my clothes :)

Cotton On Geek Sunglasses, Fire Print Scarf, Forever 21 top, Unbranded blue pale denim jacket, black tights, Covet Oxford Shoes, chocolate bag (a store in Far East Plaza, Singapore)
Pink Mickey Mouse ring and Bumble Bee ring
I like to read myths and legend. So, this book (on top) is very interesting. I just read it a half. I will finished it on this weekend :p

Have a nice day ;)

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