Sunday, May 8, 2011

That's It ?

Last Friday night was a big night for me. It was Prom Night and it means that I'm ready for saying good bye with my senior high school. I wasn't crying that night. I enjoyed the moment. Shaking hands with the teachers and taking pictures with my friends. Everybody looked beautiful and handsome. That was the moment I saw them with dress and the guys with their blazer. They were awesome.
When I write these, I tried to hold my tears. Three years together. A lot of memories, bad and good. They're part of my life. Friends and foe, blend with happiness and tears. Lovers and haters sit together without making any hostility. I will miss those moments. I will miss those people. I will miss my Senior High School.

With the headmaster, Mr. Winata :)

With Regina. She's so beautiful as usual :)

They called their selves with D' Kokys. Don't ask me what does D' Kokys stand for.

With the guys from different class. But we have the same goal :)

For all of my friends at Senior High, I apologize if I've made a mistake and sometimes become mad without any reasonable reason. I wish you will always remember me :')


  1. I miss high school!but college era is also cool =D


  2. well, I can't wait for it :)

    thank you for leaving a comment ;)


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